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You will receive an email confirmation shortly after filling out and submitting the affiliate sign up form. If you don’t see it, check your spam, junk and bulk folders. If you still do not see any confirmation after a few minutes, join and post a message for support on our Hoplite Armor Affiliates Group on Facebook at:
Hoplite Armor Affiliate Group on Facebook

After we approve your affiliate account, you will receive an email with login information. You will be able to login to the “Affiliate Area” to view your commission earnings and you can see anyone you referred to also be affiliates.

For now you will earn 3% from direct sales and 1% of your sub-affiliate’s sales. You will also receive a bonus of $2.00 per recruited affiliate that signs up under you from your custom link to also become an affiliate.

If you want to be an Affiliate Recruiter to get others to sign up and make $2 per sign up, simply create a custom link in your affiliate area by copy/pasting the “now hiring” page’s URL (also known as web address) into the “PAGE URL” box in the “affiliate area.” (You can login to the affiliate area on the top right of the main page at

You can also create custom links directly to specific items pages on our site, or by default, your referral links to the home page. Don’t worry, you will receive commission no matter if they search through our entire site multiple times before they buy. You will even receive commission if they return days, weeks or months later to buy because of our advanced affiliate links. We will be uploading various sizes of banners and image advertisements if you want to post banners on a website or use a banner promotion service. Ask the Sales Manager about custom-made Facebook profile pictures to show people you are an official Hoplite Armor affiliate every time you post things on Facebook! Upon request we will also create custom-made Facebook profile, group or page background images to make your presence as an affiliate very professional.

Generally we approve most applications within a few minutes, but please allow 24 hours for us to get a chance to review your application. If we have not “approved” or “rejected” your application within 1 hour, please send a message to us on our Facebook group to let TJ know you submitted it, at:

Hoplite Armor Affiliate Group on Facebook

or email the Sales Manager, T.J. McKinney at SalesManager@Hoplite

(With no spaces between hoplite armor. It is written this way so spam bots do not see the email link.)

Thanks for joining our affiliate program!

Hoplite Armor Affiliate Group on Facebook
If for some reason you are not able to join the Hoplite Armor Affiliate Group on Facebook, send your sales manager an email at salesmanager@hoplite (with no spaces between hoplite armor)

(Outside Sales Rep job openings coming soon! Ask the sales manager about it in the Facebook group above!)

We will send out commission payments on the 15th of each month, as long as you have at least $100 in commission earnings in your account.

We will payout using PayPal. Please sign up for PayPal if you don’t have a PayPal account already. If you cannot, or do not want to use PayPal, please contact your Sales Manager, T.J. McKinney by email at: SalesManager@hoplite and explain the reason please.

(with no spaces between hoplite armor)

Thank you for joining our affiliate program at Hoplite Armor LLC !!!!!!!!!!!