Affiliate Terms Of Use Page (do not use)

Do you want to help Hoplite Armor sell body armor at the same time you earn commission from sales?

If you said “yes” then we want you!

How much will I get paid?

Right now, if you sell armor to someone, by them clicking your link and buying from our site,

then you will receive 3% of the total of that sale (not counting s&h or taxes,)

You will also receive 3% of their purchases if they ever buy again from us by using the same link, OR if they use the same computer and visit our site again, even if they use our normal link at because of our tracking system will track their visits to know they previously visited from your link.

What if I know someone else that wants to sell for Hoplite Armor also?

If you get someone else to become an affiliate under you, and they make sales,

they also make 3% from sale, BUT we will reward you with 1% of all of their sales too!

Sign up to become an affiliate and we will give you a custom tracking link. You post that link online (don’t spam!) and if people click on it, visit our website and purchase armor, then we will track the sales and send you commission using Stripe or PayPal (other options may be available upon request.)