Backpack Armor

Our Level III+ PDS (personal defense shield) ballistic shields are made with high end polymer based armor materials capable of defeating all Level III threats, plus 7.62×39 mild steel core rounds.


Level III+ Backpack Shield 10×16

$599.00 $299.00

Level III+ 10″ x 16″ Backpack Shield

The Level III+ Hoplite Armor Backpack Plate is a rifle rated shield tested in accordance with NIJ 06 standards. This small, lightweight, concealable, personal shield is perfectly sized to fit discreetly in a standard day pack and is capable of withstanding multiple hits of 5.56 (XM193), 7.62×39 mild steel core (M1943) and .308 (M80 ball). At a weight of only 4 lbs. this shield takes personal protection to a new level.

This product is truly unlike anything on the market at a fraction of the cost of standard shields. Stores easily and discreetly in vehicles, residences or on the go. Easy to maneuver in tight spaces with one hand and weapon drawn. Don’t get caught without it.

  • Backpack Not Included
  • Size and Weight are nominal and may vary
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