• Soft Armor

    Soft Armor

    Our Soft Armor concealable carriers are Top Quality Level IIIA Armor Vests, Made in the USA.

    All of our soft armor carriers:

    Have panels that can be transferred into outer shell or garment
    Are rugged and versatile
    Include trauma pockets
    Features 24/60 month limited warranty
    Have contoured shape for added comfort

    Available in Black

  • Helmets

    Hoplite ACH/MICH IIIA

    The HOPLITE ACH/MICH IIIA is designed according to the latest US Military requirements, utilizing the most advanced ballistic protection available against handgun ammunition and low velocity fragmentation. The shell is composed of multi-layered advanced composite and the harness assembly consists of the Comfipad suspension system and a four point harness with a leather lined chin strap.

    The reduced profile enables a wider peripheral and upward field of view, for better situational awareness and unrestricted movement, and also accommodates protective goggles, night vision goggles (NVG), and a communication system. In addition the helmet can be fitted with ballistic or riot visors.

    The HOPLITE ACH IIIA is typically used by ground troops, police forces and special units and is ideally suited for urban warfare.

  • Shields

    Hoplite Armor worked closely with our sister company BlueRidge Armor to develop a line of shields that utilize modern design and fabrication methods to make the most advanced shields currently available.

    All of our shields have a number of unique features including ergonomic geometry, custom pressed foam pads, and high end straps.

  • Accessories

    We sell only the highest quality magazine and utility pouches. All of our pouches are made from extremely durable 1,000 denier Cordura and are custom made to fit the plate frame carrier seamlessly. Available in Black, Mulitcam, Tan and OD Green.

  • Active Shooter kits

    Active Shooter Kits

    Choose from 2 Carrier Types and 3 different Plate Configurations in Multiple Colors and Sizes.


    Plate Frame Carrier (Ultra Lightweight, Minimalistic)
    MPC Minimalistic Plate Carrier (Lightweight, Low Cost)


    Single Curved Shooter Plates (most affordable)
    Triple Curved SAPI Plates (Mil-Spec)
    Triple Curved Swimmer Plates (most ergonomic)

  • Armor Plates

    We have partnered with some of the largest and most well respected manufacturers in the industry, and we sell only the highest quality hard armor plates on the market.

    Only hard plate armor can prevent penetration from rifle rounds and all of our plates are made using TOP QUALITY, lightweight, high strength armor materials.

    Specifications for each plate are listed at the bottom of each product page. Additional information regarding the testing and analysis of various plates and material types is available on our videos page.

  • Plate Carriers

    Plate Carriers

    We offer several unique Body Armor Plate Carrier systems including Plate Frame Carriers and the MPC, Minimalistic Plate Carrier, with more variations coming soon.

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