K9 Shield System - Hoplite Armor Store
K9 Shield System - Hoplite Armor Store
K9 Shield System - Hoplite Armor Store
K9 Shield System - Hoplite Armor Store
K9 Shield System - Hoplite Armor Store

K9 Body Armor System

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K9 Shield System

The Hoplite K9 Shield System is the most highly engineered K9 armor system ever developed. K9 Shield was designed in order to create a multipurpose platform capable of supporting a Buoyant, Load Bearing, Scalable K9 armor system that maximizes coverage and functionality without sacrificing mobility.

The K9 Shield system is comprised of two, ergonomically designed armor segments which work in conjunction with the unique anatomy of the canine body in order to provide maximum coverage while maintaining a full range of motion. This was achieved through the design of a comprehensive system which addresses the needs of working dogs while preventing common issues related to heat and wear stress while maximizing the effective coverage area. 

The base system comes standard with either Level IIIA soft armor inserts, made from a proprietary blend of Dyneema UHMWPE sheets, heat sealed within a nylon pouch. Heat sealing prevents water from entering the nylon cavity, thus mitigating any potentially negative effects of maritime use. Additionally, the Dyneema materials used in the K9 Shield System are, in themselves, neutrally buoyant and water resistant. A closed cell foam pad has also been integrated within our soft armor ballistic solution package in order to reduce blunt force impact trauma while increasing positive buoyancy.

Scalable system upgrades include optional IIIA and / or III+ shoulder coverage designed to protect the vital organs against lateral impacts. This extended protection provides greater coverage to the heart and lungs without hindering the natural movements or agility of the K9. 

Nominal Size and Weight ranges of the base systems are as follows;

Size Weight

  • Small 3.5 - 4 lbs
  • Medium 4.5 - 5 lbs
  • Large 5.5 - 6 lbs

Armor Options

An optional hard armor upgrade is available that can be placed within the system at various points: chest, shoulders and side. The hard armor system consists of a series of scalable, lightweight, buoyant, Dyneema UHMWPE armor plates designed to allow the dog to move freely without hindering mobility or agility while maximizing coverage of the vital organs. When used In Conjunction With (ICW) the IIIA soft armor system, the result is a Special Threat / Level III+ system capable of stopping multiple rounds of 7.62x39 ball and MSC. Two hard armor upgrade options are available. 

Option A is based on the standard K9 Shield system and does not include Shoulder Coverage.

  • 1x Chest and 2x Side Plates
    • Small 1.75 lbs
    • Medium 2 lbs
    • Large 2.25 lbs

Option B is based on the K9 Shield + System and includes Hard Armor Shoulder Plate inserts.

  • 1x Chest Plate, 2x Shoulder Plates and 2x Side Plates
    • Small 2.5 lbs
    • Medium 2.75 Lbs
    • Large 3 lbs

Pressed foam floatation pads, designed to reduce blunt force impact trauma while allowing for improved heat exchange and increased buoyancy come standard. This upgrade results in significant positive buoyancy, allowing for safe deployment of your K9 in even the harshest of aquatic environments. 

Advanced Harness System

The heart of the K9 Shield System is our proprietary, adjustable, load bearing harness system which is designed to support the weight of the dog and maintain the position of the system under extreme conditions. The harness is designed to pull the system together vertically, between the dogs spine and abdomen, as well as horizontally, between the dogs chest and the posterior portion of the rib cage, thereby drawing the various segments towards the center of the dogs body from all sides, comfortably securing the system firmly in position while preventing chaffing.

Optional leg loops are also available which allow for an unparalleled load bearing platform capable of being safely deployed in high angle rope or jump scenarios. Our high angle load bearing system has been tested in accordance with ISO 9000 requirements and is BERRY compliant.

The K9 Shield system is without question the most comprehensive K9 armor system ever developed and is the most effective means of protecting your K9 without hindering performance.

Due to custom manufacturing, additional lead times may occur.