How to Survive a Mass Shooting

The incident that took place in Las Vegas on October 1st 2017 was a tragedy like this nation has never seen. Sadly, many of those deaths could have been prevented with the use of some very simple ballistic protection. Obviously most people cant and wont wear body armor everywhere they go. Nor should they. That would impractical for a number of reasons. However there is a better option than body armor for these types of situations and one doesn’t need to “gear up” to do so.

I have been a mechanical engineer in the body armor industry for almost 15 years. I developed the worlds first, and only, hard armor shoulder plates as well as several other ballistic concepts and a full line of ballistic shields.

A couple of years ago I made a video discussing the inevitability of increased violence on American soil, perpetrated by the left, which gave me the idea to make affordable, effective, rifle rated backpack armor. I wanted something concealable that people could bring with them anywhere they went to protect them against the exact sort of thing that just took place in Las Vegas. I worked closely with our manufacturing partner LTC to design a ballistic formula that would result in a cost effective, lightweight ballistic solution. The result was our 10”x16” backpack insert.

This panel was specifically designed to meet NIJ Level III (Industry III+) ballistic requirements, fits perfectly inside standard day packs and is completely unnoticeable to any observer. The panel is 1.1” thick, including the pad on the backside which is designed to reduce blunt force impact trauma. At a weight of only 6.5 lbs this is an ideal solution for daily use and something that, unfortunately, we as Americans may need more and more as time goes on.

The psychotic liberal agenda is reaching a boiling point. The perpetrator of the Las Vegas shooting is reported to be an Antifa member and Antifa has stated that they intend to perpetrate more attacks like the one in Las Vegas, even claiming that they intend to start a second civil war beginning on November 4th.

My advice to those who love this country, and want to live to see it return to a normal state, should by all means be prepared in as much as possible. I highly recommend getting a concealed carry permit and a ballistic backpack insert so that you can protect yourself and others against this growing threat.

I do not condone returning fire in a situation like the one in Vegas, but this kit gives you the ability to hunker down safely, or make your escape, depending on the situation. If even a few people in Vegas had a backpack shield many lives could have been saved. My biggest regret is not making a bigger push with this over the last year. I cant change the past but I can help people prepare for the future.

To that end I put this item on sale, cutting my margins to the core, in an effort to save American lives the next time this happens, and I can promise you, it will happen again. Unfortunately, the darkest time in American history is only beginning. Be ready.


God Bless America