Hoplite HASP (Hard Armor Shoulder Plate)

Studies have shown a large number of fatalities resulting from lateral impacts to the upper torso which cannot be prevented by existing technology. This requires a lightweight, highly mobile, ergonomic solution in order to defeat existing threats without hindering the performance of the operator.

The Hoplite Armor HASP (Hard Armor Shoulder Plate) System provides rifle rated stopping power in a lightweight, form fitting configuration designed to maximize protection and mobility. The HASP System functions as a STAND-ALONE rifle plate solution and the ability of the HASP to fit seamlessly into existing carrier systems allows for ease of transition by integrating new technology without altering existing standards or carrier systems.

The HASP Plate Frame option is also available, providing a lightweight, streamlined solution for those who wish to upgrade their current carrier, or move into a new, highly advanced carrier system altogether. Several options are available, see our CARRIERS section for more information.

Made exclusively for Hoplite Armor by LTC, Leading Technology Composites, the worlds largest and most respected armor manufacturer.

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