10x12 Triple Curve Level IV Stand Alone Swimmer Plates

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Hard Armor Shoulder Plate


Studies have shown a large number of fatalities resulting from lateral impacts to the upper torso which cannot be prevented by existing technology... Until Now!


hoplite armor

Civilian access to advanced Body Armor solutions!

Body Armor of the People, for the People, by the People.



This armor rocks! Top of the line and we buy a ton of it..Lyman Bishop the owner is a pleasure to deal with and orders are dropped nearly immediately! Search no further if you want to know you and your unit is as safe as possible when things star to melt down around you...

Dan A.

I received my HASP armor system and I have to say that it is the most ingenious ballistic shoulder armor system. It is strong, lightweight, comfortable and doesn't interfere with the shoulder of a rifle.  And is the coolest looking shoulder plate carrier ever made.  Thank you Hoplite team!

Thomas T.

Lightweight and compfortable.  The added shoulder protection is well worth the total weight of 2.9 lbs (1.45 lbs per plate) added to your kit especially for a short distance movements. Even for longer movements I found that they didn't shift much or bother me.

William. S

I have been wearing their plates on my carrier for a couple years now.  Best money spent and customer service I've received

Jose M.

Excellent products. Excellent service. Real American patriots.

Spencer R.

Great company!  Best body armor out there!  Definitely recommend.

Rob F.

Solid product and great personal service.  Highly recommend the HASP.

Robert D.

Good quality equipment right in my own backyard. Would gladly use their services again.

Tom R.

Had exactly what I needed at the price I wanted, got it to me quick!

Shawn W.