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Introducing, Hoplite Armor. At Hoplite Armor we carry tactical body armor of the future.

Hoplite Armor designs, manufactures, and distributes the most advanced body armor systems available on the market today. We offer products from our private line of armor systems as well as key components from our various partners. The result is nothing short of the most advanced armor system ever worn by man.

The Federal Government of the United States is making every attempt at restricting civilian ownership of military grade body armor. In January of 2015 Congressman Mike Honda, a California Democrat, introduced legislation aimed at preventing future sales of body armor to the civilian populace. The legislation proposed by Mike Honda is known as H.R.378 and as of the date of this publication H.R.378 is currently being reviewed by the U.S. Congress. While it is unlikely that this particular bill will pass, it is clear that the U.S. Government will continue to push for the disarmament of law abiding citizens, making the acquisition of personal protection equipment an important issue for all concerned.

The staff of Hoplite Armor are inspired to meet the challenge of providing the best possible products to US Military, Law Enforcement, and civilian personnel. With over 30 years of combined industry experience, the founders of Hoplite Armor LLC have experimented with, tested, and evaluated every method available for increasing the effectiveness of ballistic materials and design. Along with our partners, Hoplite Armor is committed to producing body armor using the most advanced applications and materials available. Whether defending your home, or someone else’s, the right choice in body armor can make all the difference.

As we go forward, we will strive to provide not only innovative products but information that will give our customers a better understanding of body armor systems and their capabilities. Body armor has evolved tremendously over the last decade with advancements constantly being made to both materials and design. An overview has been written in order to provide a basic understanding of armor methodologies over the last 20 years with hopes of providing insight regarding current trends, their origin, and expected path of progression.

At Hoplite Armor we pride ourselves in the best body armor, armor plating, armor plate frame kits, and high tech armor that is available in today’s market. There are many questions people have about body armor levels and we can help you with understanding the differences between Level II body armor, Level IIIA body armor, Level III, Level III plus lightweight body armor, and Level IV body armor.

This is high quality body armor. We carry law enforcement grade tactical gear that is available to civilian, law enforcement, and military organizations alike. If you’ve considered a bulletproof vest in the past consider Hoplite Armor’s tactical body armor plates.

We are located in the Missoula, Montana area and manufacture our own high tech body armor that will rival the best including dragon skin body armor. The future of body armor is here. Including our active shooter body armor kits made for law enforcement and civilians. We also have plate carrier packages with armor and tactical gear and apparel. In our body armor and armor plate technologies we include helmets and shields. All of our armor plates and tactical gear provide the highest level of protection available. There are civilian restrictions on the purchases of our body armor. These restrictions do not apply to law enforcement or military. If you live in Kalispell, Missoula, Bozeman, Montana, or anywhere in the United States, Hoplite Armor has armor side plates, armor shoulder plates, armor double curve plates, and armor shooter plates available for sale.

Hoplite’s high tech body armor and futuristic design provide the latest in the technologies of tactical body armor. If you’re in the market for tactical assault gear, tactical body armor plates, or active shooter kits Hoplite Armor will provide you with the best and highest quality body armor for sale.

Security, police, and military professionals, along with ordinary civilians can count on the protection level of Hoplite Body Armor plate carrier technology when you’re in the situation of preventing a criminal attack and defending your life or the lives of others. Regardless of the situation, Hoplite Body Armor will protect you. Our high quality tactical protection gear is the best available by any standard.

We welcome your feedback. Please forward any questions or comments to info@hoplitearmor.com