DEFCON™ Vehicle + EMP Vehicle Protection Kit
DEFCON™ Vehicle + EMP Vehicle Protection Kit
DEFCON™ Vehicle + EMP Vehicle Protection Kit
DEFCON™ Vehicle + EMP Vehicle Protection Kit
DEFCON™ Vehicle + EMP Vehicle Protection Kit
DEFCON™ Vehicle + EMP Vehicle Protection Kit
DEFCON™ Vehicle + EMP Vehicle Protection Kit
DEFCON™ Vehicle + EMP Vehicle Protection Kit
DEFCON™ Vehicle + EMP Vehicle Protection Kit
DEFCON™ Vehicle + EMP Vehicle Protection Kit
DEFCON™ Vehicle + EMP Vehicle Protection Kit
DEFCON™ Vehicle + EMP Vehicle Protection Kit

DEFCON™ Vehicle + EMP Vehicle Protection Kit

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Modern vehicles are heavily reliant on electronic components, controlling every aspect of the vehicle. An EMP’s intense and rapid electromagnetic field can induce powerful electrical currents and voltages in the vehicle’s wiring and delicate electronic components, leading to severe damage. This electromagnetic interference can result in critical system upsets and permanent failures, stalling the vehicle and even destroying its engine control unit.

An EMP can disrupt satellite navigation systems, cellular connectivity, and communication with emergency services, leaving occupants stranded and without crucial assistance. Because of this realistic threat, we have developed DEFCON™ Vehicle to act as a shield against an EMP for your vehicle. The idea behind it is simple. The DEFCON™ Vehicle is designed to limit the induced energy that would couple into your vehicle, keeping its electronics from becoming damaged, and ensuring the safety and working status of your vehicle.

The DEFCON™ Vehicle comes in a weatherproofed package with ring terminals for easy installation and attachment. The module is also internally waterproofed using a potting compound. The device uses automotive-grade wire, ring terminals, and marine-grade heat shrink tubing, and comes in a convenient form factor for use across the battery terminals.

The DEFCON™ Vehicle can be installed in tight spaces under the hood of your vehicle using the holes and mounting screws. The ring terminals fit most battery post bolt clamp screws. The 36″ long cables let you install it as close or as far away from your battery as needed.

Voltage: 12-15 volts DC

Current: 9 mA consumption typical

Surge Current: 270,000 Amps total

Energy Rating: >2,000 Joules total

Turn-on Speed: <1 ns typical

Not for home use. Do not apply AC voltage.

Size: 4.5″ L x 3.375″ W x 1.875″ H

Three Wire: Positive, Negative, Ground

Questions & Answers:

What is DEFCON™ Vehicle?

The DEFCON™ Vehicle is an ultra-duty surge protection device specifically designed to protect a vehicle’s electronics from damaging electromagnetic energy resulting from an electromagnetic pulse (EMP). Constructed using state-of-the-art metal oxide varistor technology, the DEFCON™ Vehicle is capable of shunting away an incredible 270,000 amps of current! When combined with the lightning-fast Transient Reducing Auxiliary Plug (TRAP) products and high-saturation current-damping ferrites, the DEFCON™ Vehicle is the latest addition to the world’s first comprehensive EMP auto protection system.

How does DEFCON™ Vehicle Work?

DEFCON™ Vehicle protects your vehicle by shunting (shorting) the over voltage coming into your vehicle’s electrical system. DEFCON™ Vehicle will “see” the surge and react in less than 1 billionth of a second. Since the shunting is completed incredibly fast, the over voltage is drained away from the vehicle before the voltage can rise high enough to produce any damage.

Do I need a DEFCON™ Vehicle if I already have an EMP Vehicle Kit?

The DEFCON™ Vehicle is designed to be an excellent addition to the EMP Vehicle Kit. It offers approximately 400 times the energy absorption and more than 2,700 times the max surge current of the TRAP-B. It is also designed with different turn on characteristics to supplement the Vehicle Kit, as well as a power-on indicator to let the user know that it is still active.

Does the DEFCON™ Vehicle work as a stand alone product or as a replacement to the EMP Vehicle Kit?

Although DEFCON™ Vehicle is a supplemental device designed to be added to the current Auto Protection Kit, it would function just fine as a standalone device too. The TRAPs and DEFCON™ Vehicle device both provide transient protection, but each using different technologies. The TRAPs use super-fast TVS diodes, and the DEFCON™ Vehicle uses slightly less fast (but very hefty) metal-oxide varistors.

Is there anything the DEFCON™ Vehicle is able to block that the EMP Vehicle Kit can’t?

DEFCON™ Vehicle could protect against indirect lightning better than the EMP Vehicle Kit. It also protects from unwanted transients caused from vehicle malfunctions.

When using the DEFCON™ Vehicle and the EMP Vehicle Kit together, is it safe to double up at the battery location with DEFCON™ Vehicle and the TRAP-B?

Yes, it is perfectly safe for both to be hooked up to the battery at once.

For a diesel engine with two batteries, do I need two DEFCON™ Vehicle units?

Yes, we would recommend this, to ensure that both electrical systems are protected.

Does the DEFCON™ Vehicle work for solar flares and CME’s?

Contrary to popular thinking, solar flares and CME’s will not affect vehicles. CME’s produce very low frequencies and only couple into long conductors that are miles long. In the unlikely event that a CME were to couple radiated energy into a vehicle, the DEFCON™ Vehicle would offer protection.

Will the DEFCON™ Vehicle protect my vehicle from lightning?

The DEFCON™ Vehicle introduces transient that may shunt away energy from a lighting strike, preventing damage to the vehicle’s electronics.

Will a lightning strike or EMP destroy the DEFCON™ Vehicle, and is it reusable?

An EMP will not destroy the DEFCON™ Vehicle. A direct lightning strike will destroy pretty much anything, including the DEFCON™ Vehicle, however, this is extremely rare, as most lightning strikes are indirect and will not damage the device.

Will the indicator light on the DEFCON™ Vehicle drain my battery?

Most car peripherals try to limit their off-state current draw to under 15 milliamps. The DEFCON™ Vehicle indicator light draws 9 milliamps of current. Typical car batteries have around 55,000 milliamps-hours of capacity. Therefore, even if the vehicle sat for an entire month unused, the light would only draw off about 10% of the battery.

How do I mount the DEFCON™ Vehicle?

The DEFCON™ Vehicle attaches across a standard 12-volt automobile battery. Installation instructions will be included in the package, along with a link to a video of the installation process.

What does the indicator light mean?

The DEFCON™ Vehicle indicator light indicates that the unit is receiving power and therefore properly connected to the battery. If the unit is compromised, the indicator light will turn off.

Does the DEFCON™ Vehicle work even when my vehicle is turned off?

Yes, like the EMP Vehicle Kit, the DEFCON™ Vehicle is designed to protect both when the vehicle is on or off.

Is there a warranty on the DEFCON™ Vehicle?

The DEFCON™ Vehicle comes with a 10-year limited lifetime warranty.

Comparing TRAPs to DEFCON Vehicle

Energy Absorption 5 Joules 5 Joules >2,000 Joules
Surge Current 95 Amps 95 Amps 270,000 Amps
Protection Technology TVS Diode TVS Diode MOV
Turn-on Speed <1 ps typical <1 ps typical < 1 ns typical
Power-on Indicator No No Yes
Installation Plugs in auxiliary receptacle Connects across battery terminals Connects across battery terminal and to chassis, mounts to vehicle frame

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