Hoplite ACH Helmet Level III RIFLE RATED Fully Loaded
Hoplite ACH Helmet Level III RIFLE RATED Fully Loaded
Hoplite ACH Helmet Level III RIFLE RATED Fully Loaded
Hoplite ACH Helmet Level III RIFLE RATED Fully Loaded
Hoplite ACH Helmet Level III RIFLE RATED Fully Loaded
Hoplite ACH Helmet Level III RIFLE RATED Fully Loaded
Hoplite ACH Helmet Level III RIFLE RATED Fully Loaded
Hoplite ACH Helmet Level III RIFLE RATED Fully Loaded
Hoplite ACH Helmet Level III RIFLE RATED Fully Loaded
Hoplite ACH Helmet Level III RIFLE RATED Fully Loaded

Hoplite ACH Helmet Level III RIFLE RATED Fully Loaded

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Hoplite ACH Level III Rifle Rated Helmet


Stop Rounds up to NATO M80 (7.62×51) round at 2100 ft/sec (640 m/s)

  • Medium 3.1 lbs. / 1.43 Kg;
  • Large 3.3 lbs. / 1.5 Kg;
  • X-Large 3.5 lbs. / 1.61 Kg 

Introducing the game changing AireLock Liner System.

The Pads-free AIRELOCK is a game changer in terms of user safety, comfort and ergonomics. With its all new quick-dial system, less than 50% of the liner touches the user’s head, creating a floating effect that delivers maximum comfort over extended periods of use.

The advanced silent dial system and premium chinstrap deliver a solution that is ideal for front line users. The AIRELOCK is the ultimate liner system for modern day operations. The AireLock Liner System is versatile and modular, and built to allow every user the ability to customize their own head protection configurations specific to their needs. 


  • High Cut Shell
  • Velcro
  • Bungee
  • M-Lock Aire Rail System
  • Aire Mount NVG Shroud
  • Aire Support Prime Cushion System
  • Adjustable CAM Retention System

All Helmets Are Custom Made to Order

5 Week Estimated Lead Time 


Weapon Ammunition Velocity


5.56x45 M193 2,986 fps
7.62x39 M1943 2.676 fps
7.62x51 M80 Ball 2,100 fps


Weapon Ammunition 





9mm 50-grain USM4 2490 759
9mm Fiocchi, 115-grain FMJ 1540 469
9mm 124-grain Hydra-Shok JHP 1230 375


124-grain FMJ 1425 434
9mm 124-grain FMJ Steel 1262 385
.357 100-grain Frangible SF 1774 533
.357 115-grain JHP 1645 501
.357 125-grain SIG FMJ FN 1475 450
.357 125-grain GDHP 1454 443
.40-cal 95-grain S&W HP 1697 517
.40-cal 115-grain S&W JHP 1249 381
.40-cal 180-grain S&W JHP 1098 35
.44 Magnum 240-grain SJHP 1412 430



Getting the right fit is important for performance and comfort. Use a tape measure and caliper to take measurements. The wearer MUST be seated in an upright position for proper fitting. See the illustrations for correct measuring points.

NOTE: If any measurement falls on the dividing line between sizes, select the larger size.


UP TO 7¼" / 184 mm Length
UP TO 6½" / 162 mm Width
UP TO 21¼" / 538 mm Circumference
7¼" / 184 mm to 7¾" / 198 mm Length
UP TO 6½" / 162 mm Width
21¼" / 538 mm to 22½" / 573 mm Circumference
7¾" / 198 mm to 8¼" / 210 mm Length
UP TO 6½" / 162 mm Width
22½" / 573 mm to 23½"/ 597 mm Circumference
8¼" / 210 mm and over Length
6½" / 162 mm and over Width
23½"/ 597 mm and over Circumference


Restrictions on the Purchase, Ownership, or Possession of Body Armor are as follows:

It is a violation of United States Federal Law for a person convicted of a violent felony to purchase, own, or possess body armor. In addition, various states also have enacted legislation restricting the purchase, ownership, or possession of body armor by persons convicted of drug crimes, certain other felonies, or other violent crimes. By purchasing body armor from Hoplite Armor, LLC you acknowledge and certify that:

  1. You have not been convicted of a felony.
  2. The end user has not been convicted of any other crime that would restrict their ability to purchase, own, or possess body armor under any applicable Local, State, or Federal law ordinance or restriction.
  3. The end user will not use any body armor purchased from Hoplite Armor, LLC for any criminal purpose.
  4. The end user is over the age of 18.
  5. The end user will not transport or use any Hoplite Armor products outside of the United States.

Hoplite Armor, LLC reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse the sale of body armor to any person or entity. Additionally, the online sale of body armor to residents of Connecticut and NY is strictly prohibited, unless the sale is made to certain law enforcement or military personnel, or through a face-to-face transaction.

Hoplite Armor does not ship any products outside of the United States in compliance with ITAR regulations. By purchasing, owning, or possessing Hoplite Armor systems, the end user certifies that no Hoplite Armor products will be transported or used outside of the United States.

All statements contained herein, or in any other related Hoplite publication of any kind, are not designed to provide legal counsel in any way, shape or form. It is strongly recommended that customers conduct a reasonable amount of Due Diligence prior to purchasing, owning or possessing body armor in order to avoid any legal ramifications.


Hoplite Armor Lifetime Body Armor Warranty Terms and Conditions:

Hoplite Armor LLC stands behind the reliability and quality of the products we sell. In the unfortunate event that you are shot while wearing products purchased from us, we will replace damaged equipment at no cost to you at any time, as long as a valid police report is provided. This covers all of our body armor products, which includes Body Armor, Plate Carriers, Pouches/Accessories and Apparel. 

Proof of purchase required, only applies to original purchaser, and product must be purchased from Hoplite Armor LLC to qualify. Police report or internal report (if worn in the line of duty) is required as proof of the incident. Picture of the label and serial number is required and must match the serial number associated with the order in our system. Only the damaged product(s) will be replaced. We will replace it with the same product, if unavailable we may replace it with a similar product or reserve the right to issue store credit equal to the original purchase price. 

Warranty only applies to legitimate instances of self defense. Does not cover intentional damage or damage resulting from gross negligence. For example, we will replace your armor if you get shot in a home defense incident. We will not replace it if you shoot it intentionally yourself for any reason, or have your friends shoot you while wearing it. We will not replace it if you are shot while committing a crime such as robbing a bank or convenience store. This warranty does not cover theft.

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