DEFCON™ - EMP Alert System
DEFCON™ - EMP Alert System
DEFCON™ - EMP Alert System
DEFCON™ - EMP Alert System

DEFCON™ - EMP Alert System

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If an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) occurs, most people will remain completely unaware. Only as they discover that many of their modern electronics stopped functioning, will they begin to suspect that something is wrong. The DEFCON™ is designed to detect electrical disturbances resulting from an electromagnetic pulse or a solar coronal mass ejection (CME). This device monitors the power lines and ambient air for damaging disturbances. Once detected, the DEFCON provides audible warnings so that additional protective steps can be taken, such as opening the main circuit breaker to prevent home damage.

What is DEFCON™?

The DEFCON™ is the first low-cost device designed to detect electrical disturbances resulting from an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) or a solar coronal mass ejection (CME). The DEFCON™ plugs into any standard 120-volt AC receptacle and draws less than 50 milliamps of current, about the same as a 5-watt nightlight.

How does EMP ALERT™ detect E1, E2 and E3 of an EMP/CME?

E1 and E2 are detected by a very high-speed circuit capable of detecting electromagnetic disturbances as brief as nanoseconds in duration. E3 is detected by a circuit that continuously monitors the power lines.

How does DEFCON™ warn of an EMP/CME?

The DEFCON provides three distinct audible alarms:

  • (1) a brief ‘beep’ when a very fast E1/E2-type pulse is detected
  • (2) a long sustained ‘beeeeep’ when an E3 overvoltage condition is detected
  • (3) a pulsating ‘beep-beep-beep’ when an E3-induced undervoltage condition is detected.

Red lights also become visible when any detection occurs.

Won’t I already know if an EMP/CME occurs?

Most people will have no way of knowing when an EMP or CME is occurring. In the case of an EMP, the detonation is so high in the atmosphere that it’s unlikely that you will see a flash or hear an explosion. Likewise, while we have warning of an approaching CME, there is no way to predict its effects on our power lines.

What good is it knowing that an EMP or CME is occurring?

Knowing that voltage levels are becoming dangerously high (or low) gives you time to quickly open the main breaker on your home or business. Also, you can warn others in your family or preparedness network, as well as shore up your supplies or consider evacuation.

Won’t an EMP immediately take down the power grid?

The E1/E2 pulses are unlikely to immediately take down the power grid. Rather, it is the sustained E3 energy that drives large currents around the grid, damaging transformers and other infrastructure elements. The DEFCON is designed to give you time to take action while E3 is just beginning.

If I already have whole-house surge protection, do I still need an DEFCON™?

Surge protection devices protect from powerful E1 and E2 conducted transients but not sustained E3 energy. The DEFCON complements protection devices by warning you before E3-induced voltages become dangerously high, allowing you time to open your main breaker.

Will the DEFCON™ be destroyed by an EMP or CME?

The DEFCON is internally hardened with protective devices to help it survive a powerful electromagnetic disturbance, such as an EMP or CME. It also does not contain any digital electronics.

Unique Features of DEFCON™

  • Warns of both EMP and CME disturbances
  • Detects high-frequency impulse resulting from E1/E2
  • Detects out-of-spec line voltage resulting from E3
  • Monitors power lines for conducted effects and ambient air for radiated effects
  • Sound 85 dB alarm – unique alarms for different conditions
  • Hardened analog design – no digital electronics to be zapped
  • Plugs into standard 120-volt AC receptacle
  • Draws about the same power as a 5-watt light bulb
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA