Solar Power Ferrite Bundle

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This Ferrite Bundle includes TWO large 1" Inner Diameter Broadband Ferrites and SIX 0.72" Inner Diameter High-Saturation Ferrites. If you want different quantities, you can buy them individually at Broadband EMP Ferrites or Whole-House Ferrites. See video below to understand how these ferrites are used.

Protecting a solar power generation system from the harmful effects of an EMP or solar event requires addressing two threats.

Conducted Threat:
If the solar power generation system is connected to the utility power grid, it can be damaged by a powerful CONDUCTED pulse that flows as a result of an EMP or solar event.

Radiated Threat:
Every solar power generation system, even those not connected to the utility power grid, can be damaged by a powerful RADIATED pulse resulting from an EMP.

The protections outlined here (and in the attached video) help to protect against both of these threats.

Addressing the Threats
To address these two threats, three different products are used:
– Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) – shunts unwanted energy during overvoltage condition using varistors
– Filters – suppresses unwanted medium-frequency energy using passive components
– Ferrites – suppresses high-frequency energy using magnetic materials

When combined, they offer excellent protection, not only against an EMP or solar CME, but also against more common threats, such as a nearby lightning strike.


Check out the following video on how these products are used together to protect solar power generation systems.

Broadband Ferrites – Various-sized broadband ferrites are sold on this website. If you’re uncertain of which size you need, we recommend buying ferrites with a 1″ inner diameter to ensure that they will clamp around the PV wire bundle. They do not need to fit snugly to the wires to be effective. To purchase Broadband Ferrites individually, go to Broadband Ferrites.

High-Saturation Ferrites – We sell a custom-modified ferrite that has a much higher saturation current level, making it ideal to use on high-current applications. In the case of High-Saturation Ferrites, a ferrite is placed around each wire, rather than the wire bundle. To purchase individually, go to Whole-House Ferrites.