The Case for Hard Armor Shoulder Plates

The US Military has been utilizing a Level IIIA deltoid protection system called the DAPS (deltoid axillary protection system) for over 25 years. First developed by DARPA in the 1990’s, the DAPS was initially designed to protect the wearer against the effects of IED’s. In the following decades their use became widespread throughout agencies and police departments around the world. However, the DAPS comes up short in a number of areas. DAPS are comprised of soft armor / Kevlar and  is highly limited in its ability to protect the wearer as they are only capable of stopping pistol rounds and low speed fragmentation. Additionally, soft armor is just that, soft. When struck with a round the material bends and moves significantly, transferring much of the energy of impact to the wearer. While the round may be stopped, significant injuries can still result, leaving those affected with lifelong medical issues and expenses. Hard plate body armor, on the other hand, tends to maintain its shape on impact, absorbing much more of the energy, and transferring far less blunt force impact to the wearer, thereby reducing injuries significantly and in most cases, preventing them altogether. Additionally, polymer armor, sometimes referred to as PE, pressed into hard panels, weighs significantly less than soft armor (aramids) of the same level.

Hoplite Armor has developed the worlds first Hard Armor Shoulder Plates, or HASP, which fill a vital need by replacing ineffective deltoid protection systems and allow for the introduction of systems capable of stopping high energy, steel core rifle rounds. Never before has there been a system designed to protect the wearer against lateral impacts capable of providing this level of coverage. While lateral protection is not critical in every situation, it is vital in a wide range of scenarios. Whether you are breaching an enemy stronghold, operating mounted weapons, travelling openly in enemy territory or simply defending your position, Hard Armor Shoulder Plates are critical to preventing injury and achieving the objective.

At only 0.5 lbs per plate in Level IIIA, or 1 lb per plate in a Level III+ configuration, weight is hardly an issue. In fact, we recommend Shoulder Plates over side plates due to the fact that critical vital organs, such as the heart and lungs, are located in the upper thoracic cavity, as opposed to less critical organs such as those covered by cumbersome side plates. When replacing side plates with Shoulder Plates the result is less weight, and greatly increased range of motion. Given the unique geometry of the Hoplite Armor HASP, the load is distributed evenly across the coverage area, and in turn, the effect of weight is greatly mitigated. People often report that the HASP fits so well that they end up, “forgetting that they are wearing them”.

While the Hoplite Armor HASP is a relatively new product, it has already been implemented by a number of Agencies including DEA and Texas Rangers SWAT. Hoplite Armor products are also available to US Citizens via our website. As free men we have the right to self defense as outlined in the Second Amendment, and while weapons are critical that end, personal protection goes beyond offensive tactics to include injury prevention as well. In fact, Hoplite Armor was the first company to openly sell advanced, military grade Body Armor to US Citizens online, and we will continue to do so as long as it is legally allowed.

Hoplite Armor has partnered with LTC, Leading Technology Composites, the world's largest and most respected armor manufacturer to produce all our Body Armor solutions including the HASP systems and our proprietary Level III++ solution. In addition LTC has given us access to their entire line of products at prices significantly less than the competition, allowing us to sell top quality equipment at reduced prices. While the cost of some of our products may be prohibitive, we also offer some of the most cost effective options available, such as our Level IV Single Curve Swimmer Plates which start at only $129 each. If you are serious about self defense you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to invest in top quality equipment. Don't settle for less when lives are on the line.

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